Hello. We are the Etsy Halton Team.

Pictured Robin Davis Studio from Burlington, On.

Have you hosted MIC before?

Etsy Halton Region team hosted the first Etsy Made in Canada in Burlington at the Art Gallery of Burlington last year. We were so thankful for the support and the excitement that Halton provided!

What is an Etsy team?

A team is a group of local artisans who’s goal is to connect with other members. You can use Team Forums to share information about running a business in your area, get advice from experienced members, or gather with peers to socialize and plan events.

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How do I become a vendor?

All vendors for Etsy: Made in Canada need to have an active Etsy shop before applying. To open a shop, go to etsy.com/promotions and use the code “MADEINCANADA” to get your first 20 listings free.

Applications to Etsy Halton Region’s MIC will be opening soon.

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